Vype Global desktop Website

Working as Design Lead on this international project I've helped guide the build from wireframes through design and into launch. Using a few basic guiding principles to help shape the direction of the website with particular interest in the user checkout journey.

Focussing on improving the checkout process I also created several short cuts for registered users. Bespoke functions; The Usual, Favourites and Subscriptions are all used to help create a personalised shopping experience for the customer. They can setup and control how much or how little time they spend on delving into products, speeding through to check out in two clicks or collecting an array of their favourite products with automatic reorders.

This has also been the base for the reconstruction and foundation of the Vype digital brand. Serving as a focal point for all communications and benchmark for the brand moving forward.

"Serving as a focal point for the digital brand & communications whilst establishing an online benchmark for the brand moving forward."

The project is still not over and I'm looking forward to being able to react with my team to the data and learnings from the launch and into the next stage of the website evolution. This involves bringing in more engaging and exciting content as well as pushing the boundaries of the platform and the evolution of the online brand.

Mister Giles
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