Forge Of Champions:
Logo & Concept Designs

Another brilliant client to work with; Riot Games needed us to help them flesh out the visual identity of their brand new League Of Legends competition exclusively for the UK market. The UK are famously way behind when it comes to consumers of E-Sports so they needed a brand to help them punch above their weight on the world stage.

We started with elements and ideas that would blend well with the League Of Legends existing brand but slowly shaped the look towards a more typical E-Sports gaming brand with enough of a nod to British ideals to be recognised across the pond. Here are some of the early concepts that I put together while experimenting with fonts and directions.

I've also experimented with some early ideas crossing over the existing brand with nods to blockbuster movies using Photoshop to bring in different textures and light to bring the title to life.

Project completed while working at Villain
Mister Giles
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