Mister Giles
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Twitch Website Proposal

As we were briefed to create a learning hub we needed all information to come across in easily digestible chunks, whilst drawing the visitor in to an almost endless resource of tantalising and rewarding articles.

I included flowing shapes to draw the eye down to the next chapter heading and also keeping the student up to date with their progress, rewarding every accomplishment by noting down how far they have come and where to head next, using the side navigation and colour coordination to symbolise each section and the relevant content.

"Keeping the student up to date with their progress & rewarding every accomplishment. Using a side navigation and colour coordination to map their journey."

By making the questions interactive it ensures a greater involvement and a more personalised experience. This combined with big beautiful graphics and content from relative games, as well as action from the stars of the channel really works to capture the attention, imagination and involvement of the next generation of stars.

Project completed while working at Villain